1.    The natural latex is extraced from rubber trees which does not contain any artificial foam sponge.It’s 100% natural latex products.

2.    The natural latex is harmless to human body whereas as we know,and it can absorb the head weight in average to achieve fully support,which can make you sleep confortably.

3.    Good air permeability of a large number of covection air hole,rapid distribution of heat,to keep fresh and smooth.

4.    Natural latex pillow is made by using Dunlop technique.It’s durable,highly elastic and non-deforming for a long time.

5.    It is easily cleaned by hangds and does not provoke dust.After dehydration,if only dired by the fan or oven,it will never be shaped.

6.    Prohibit in the sun exposure to avoid the ultraviolet radiation to shorten its service life.

7.    Latex does not contain any harmful substances.As advanced raw materail for medical science,it is harmless and non-toxic.Even overheated or burnt,it also won’t products toxic substances.It’s environment friendly that natural products can be decomposed to return to the nature.





1.    Washable:The convenience of latex pillow is that can be washed.A natural latex pillow is easilywashed by hands(It’s not necessary to wash,but just to slay it,usually.)The be dried bu a fan or an oven,after dehydration.It won’t be out of shape,and can be easily stored as it’s foldable.It is the best chioce to pursue a healhy sleep.

2.    A latex pillow absorbs much water being washed,which makes it much heavier.It should be moved in the water as result.You must not grab a small part of the latex pillow and move it,to prevent being fractured,when taking it out.You must hold the main part(the center part) and most of the weight,like holding a piece of  tofu,then take it our carefully.

3.    A latex pillow must be washed by hand,but not by washing wachine or other equipments,to prevent any possiblity of breaking into pieces,when being washed.

4.    Press the latex pillow hard by hands,then dry with a towel or other absorbent material,after being washed.Try to avoid the exposure to the sun.Press the hangned,the dry it with a fan,if you want it to be dried faster.

5.    You just need to wipe it with a wet towel,then dry it in a cool and ventilated place,if you just clean a small area of the latex pillow.It can be used again after several days.